*Selections subject to change; new and seasonal products rotated often.

Old Bardstown Estate - Notes of nutmeg, caramel, tobacco and chewy leather dominate the palate, and are complemented by hints of malted barley, cherry, and earthy minerals.

Dark Horse Reserve - From first sight to final sip, you’ll be seduced by its tender notes of vanilla, maple, caramel and smoke.

Dark Horse Rye - Handcrafted from the finest quality rye and aged to perfection in our signature oak barrels, Reunion unites an undeniable smooth, creamy character with a spicy finish.

Grand River Baby Bourbon - Local corn and a shot of barley are aged in 15 and 30 gallon charred, white oak barrels for about one year -- that's why it's called baby whiskey.

MB Roland Apple Pie - MBR Bourbon enters with a caramelized, candied-like flavor, marshmallows, black cherry, roasted pecans, and nutty.

Basil Hayden - Spicy, peppery, honey, light-bodied, gentle bite.

Glennfiddich - By finishing our 21 Year Old in Caribbean rum casks it awakens the liquid, rousing it with extra exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime and banana and a vibrant spicy toffee warmth, elevating it from something great to something extraordinary.

Knob Creek - Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak.

Knob Creek Rye - Bold rye spiciness with undertones of vanilla and oak.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple - Full-bodied, inviting maple notes that lift to smoke and are complemented with rich vanilla and caramel.

Makers Mark - Sweet and balanced with caramel, vanilla and fruity essences.

Makers Mark 46 - Very intense flavors; a big crescendo of wood blending perfectly with deep, complex and rich notes of vanilla and caramel.

Makers Mark Cask Strength - Richer, more robust flavors of spice, vanilla and smoke.

Jameson Irish Whiskey - Jameson Original is a blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys that is as versatile as it is smooth. Triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, this is the timeless whiskey that turned our green bottle into an icon. To the nose, Jameson has a light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes. Perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness.

Jim Beam White Label - Medium-bodied, mellow hints of caramel and vanilla.

Jim Beam Black Label - Full-bodied, heavier caramel, well-balanced, rich and flavorful.

Jim Beam Honey - Sweet floral notes of honey marry into the bold bourbon.

Chivas Regal - Rich and fruity, Chivas bursts with the smooth taste of ripe, honeyed apples, and notes of vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.

Bird Dog Peach - Bird Dog Peach immerses juicy, savory, fragrant peaches to create a smooth, easy-to-drink whiskey.

Bird Dog Blackberry - Bird Dog Blackberry infuses two hand selected, all-natural blackberry flavors to create a soft, warm whiskey.

1792 Small Batch - Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla to create a bourbon that is incomparably brash and bold, yet smooth and balanced.

Jefferson Bourbon - A slightly fruitier and surprisingly sophisticated flavor profile, finishing - as always - with a smooth, vanilla-infused elegance that demands another round.

Hudson Baby Bourbon - This 100% corn bourbon has a bright, defined taste and a warm finish with notes of marzipan and roasted corn.

Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year - Soft and malty balanced with oak and fruit

Stranahans Whiskey - Typically when a distiller bottles his whiskey, several hundred or even several thousand barrels are combined for a staunchly uniform taste. And the way we see it, we want you to be able to trust what's in the bottle, without sacrificing character. So each week we produce about 5 minutes worth of production made at some of the mass producing distilleries. We select ten to twenty of our choicest barrels, and combine them for a small batch with a reliable, yet distinctive flavor unique to Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.

Angels Envy - Gold in color and laced with reddish amber hues, Angels Envy appears nearly copper in tone. You'll detect notes of subtle notes of vanilla, raisins, maple syrup, and toasted nuts with a slight taste of bitter chocolate. Finishes clean with the lingering sweetness of Madeira that slowly fades.

Cognac - Oak, christmas cake, dried tea, toffee, marmalade, and grape.